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Dr. Oishi is committed to providing quality chiropractic care and making sure your visit is a positive experience. Read below for a few testimonials of happy, satisfied patients. We always welcome and encourage your feedback! Contact us to share your comments and suggestions or leave a Google Review.

Thank you, Dr. Ailin, for helping me get better!

Dr. Ailin was my rescuer when I severely locked my back for the first time last year. I was in immense pain and she happily took me in right away. Ailin’s attention to the cause of the problem, as opposed to just focusing on treatment, was what impressed me the most. She spent time explaining how and why this had happened and advised me about what exercises I could do and lifestyle changes I could make to prevent this from happening again. Her low-intensity laser therapy, spinal adjustments, and the use of medicated gels all helped me get back into the same shape I was in before my injury. She was flexible with appointment times and made it easy for me see her after work.

Thank you, Dr. Ailin, for helping me get better!


Truly professional and caring service

Dear Ailin,
For many years I had pain in the joints of my fingers and wrist. I heard about the Low Intensity Laser Therapy you offer at your clinic and decided to give it a try.

I was hoping to find relief at some point. But after my very first treatment I was so delighted at the reliefI felt. My right hand which received the treatment felt much lighter than the other hand that didn't get the treatment. I could not believe it.

After the fifth treatment I was able to do the things I loved again after many years of suffering and viewing these simple joyful tasks as painful and difficult work. I can enjoy gardening and working around the cottage once again.

Overall I am very happy with the improvement I feel. I enjoy coming to your clinic and experiencing the truly professional and caring service you offer. I look forward to greater restoration of the agility of my fingers and wrist.

Many thanks Ailin!


Feeling welcome

Dr. Ailin Oishi-Stamatiou has been providing treatment for issues with my back.  After becoming one of her patients, the pain and discomfort that I would experience in my back reduced significantly. I used to have back pain and discomfort when I sit for a long period of time, and now that rarely happens. She would also provide me with helpful exercise tips that I can do at home to help me with my back. Furthermore, she would always ensure that I feel welcome during my appointment with her.


Lifetime client

Ailin has been helping me manage recurring upper back and neck issues for the last few years. After completely seizing up due to work related stress, Ailin carefully chipped away at the stiffness until I was moving very comfortably again. The treatments coupled with the maintenance exercises she gave me have allowed me to feel great on an ongoing basis.  Her hours, flexibility, and ability to pinpoint the root issues make me realize I will be a lifetime client!  Thanks for all the great attention!


No nonsense approach

Dr. Oishi expertise with the Bio-Flex Laser has resulted in accelerated healing of my husband's two hip replacements as well as my torn quad.  Very pleased. Dr. Oishi's no nonsense approach is refreshing.


High success rate

Dear Dr. Oishi

I came to you for low-intensity laser therapy because of severe back pain, due in large part to degenerating discs in my lower back. I'm happy to report that my back pain has receded and I continue to be much improved. I feel that the low-beam laser therapy, which I received at your clinic, was an important contributing factor to the improvement.

I was happy to send you a friend who has also benefited from the treatment. Although her problem (a wound) required a much longer time span, I know she was happy with the final result.

As I approach my 76th birthday, I am very grateful to have the mobility to exercise (I speed walk three times a week, and go to Curves the same amount of time to improve my muscle tone). I hope that your high success rate continues, and I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,



Dr. Oishi and the Bioflex cold laser treatment that she performed on my shoulder has been amazing. The treatments broke the cycle of pain that I experienced after shoulder surgery and finally allowed me to sleep comfortably through the night. Thanks Dr. Oishi!


Solution for long-standing chronic pain

I have been seeing Dr. Ailin Oishi-Stamatiou for almost 4 years and can't speak highly enough about the difference her treatments have made to my life and well-being. I had never been to a chiropractor, and was quite skeptical at first, but Ailin's chiropractic and laser treatments have truly been the solution in alleviating my long-standing, chronic pain. Ailin is a wealth of knowledge, always generous and a joy to spend time with!  Thank You Ailin!


Customized treatment

Dear Dr. Oishi,

Conventional approaches and therapies including medication, acupuncture and physiotherapy had brought little success in the treatment of osteoarthritis in my right hip and knee.  I was in such pain that on my doctor's orders, I ceased my daily 4 km walk and had to permanently suspend my aerobic exercises.  After reading about a technology called Low Intensity Laser Therapy, I consulted my family physician who readily agreed that I should give it a try.  Over the course of several months I was treated by Dr. Ailin Oishi, a Chiropractor who has a special interest in women's health with a focus on natural medicine, trained in the use of the Bioflex Professional System.  

After initial evaluation, I was given customized treatment and thereafter was evaluated regularly to monitor progress and effectiveness of the laser therapy.  While I am not completely pain free and probably never will be, since receiving LILT I have enjoyed increased mobility and what pain I experience is manageable.  I have since resumed my daily 4 km walk at a local mall and have joined Curves where I complete a 30-minute exercise circuit three times a week.  I will be turning 80 this year and I continue to downhill ski during the winter, a sport, which I truly thought, I would have to abandon. 

I would consider that this therapy was most beneficial and would recommend it for relief of pain from osteoarthritis and joint stiffness. 


Up and moving again

Ailin has managed to put my body back to working order on several occasions. Her efficiency in getting me up and moving again is very appreciated and keeps me coming back.


Happy to recommend her services

Waking up in the morning was a big challenge for me, my back hurt so much that I could not get out of bed by myself. Even doing up my shoelaces was a problem. Needless to say it disturbed me so much on my job. Then I learned about Dr. Ailin Oishi. She dealt with my problem in a very gentle way that in a weeks time I was able to do some of the most important things. In a months time I was able to do almost everything.  But now by God's grace everything is okay. I am happy to recommend her services to my friends. In fact I have already recommended her to 3 satisfied patients.